Contacted By Neighbor

Have you been contacted by a neighbor, or received an anonymous letter regarding your dog’s barking?

If your neighbor is willing to go through the trouble of contacting you in person or anonymously about your dog’s barking, they are seeking a reasonable solution to a problem that has been affecting their quality of life for weeks, months or possibly years. Contacting a dog owner about excessive barking is not a pleasant experience. Your attention to this matter would be appreciated and an honest effort to solve the problem is the neighborly thing to do.

“It is the responsibility of the dog owner to control the amount of noise that their pet makes. Excessive barking is against the law in most areas.” – Got Barking?®

It is recommended that the victim of nuisance barking contact the dog owner before contacting animal control.

We recommend giving the dog owner 7 days to remedy the situation from the time of contact. If the problem persists, we recommend contacting animal control.

If you are unaware that your dog has been barking excessively, or feel that your dog’s barking is not a nuisance, reach out to all of your neighbors and get their feedback. You may find that your dog’s barking is affecting their quality of life. By reaching out to them and informing them that you will actively work to reduce or eliminate the excessive barking, they are more likely to be patient before contacting animal control.

The argument that dogs bark, does not absolve a dog owner from controlling their dog’s excessive barking. For a few examples of excessive barking, visit our Barking Dog Videos page.

Visit our Dog Owners page for solutions to combat excessive barking.